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Vaporesso Revenger Mini Mod Review

The Revenger Mini Mod is one of the awesome devices I have ever come across. Despite its small size, it manages to pack a whopping vape battery of 2500mAh inside, powering up the mod to an impressive 85 watts. Vaporesso has mastered their craft so well that they know it’s not just about what’s inside, but what’s on the outside as well. Because of this, the Revenger Mini uses the familiar Revenger styling, giving it that ultra-sleek and highly futuristic look whilst on the inside, it has a good battery to give you a good vaping experience.

The mod

Just as explained earlier, It is shaped exactly like the Revenger just in a smaller form factor. We have the 510 on top and it is center-mounted. The nice thing about this little mod is it can hold a 25mm tank without any overhang. That’s pretty much cool for such a small mod. The 510 pin is gold plated and spring-loaded. It is of the same quality as most Vaporesso mods and like most Vaporesso mods, it works extremely well. The spring on it seems to have a decent throw to it and the threading around the 510 is stainless steel.

With the screen facing you on the right side of the mod, you have the fire button. Unlike the original Revenger which had more of a lever style button, this one seems to be flush with the sides of the mod. On the original Revenger, the top of the button sat a little higher than the bottom of the button. That is not the case with the one on this mod. It does protrude slightly from the side of the mod but it protrudes evenly.

Flavor Quality

The Revenger Mini includes a smaller version of one of Vaporesso’s newly added atomizer designs. The NRG SE tank Mini is a shorter and lighter version of the original. The Mini NRG SE tank is available in 3.5 ml and 2 ml capacity versions.

The relationship between vape mod coils, vape mods, and which vape mods is best is something that has kept Vaporesso evolving over the years. For example with this atomizer, in particular, the new GT core coil system is designed to operate with the preset vaping modes: Soft, Normal, and High. This system allows for a wider range of flavor profiles right out of the package. You can experience highly intense flavor at the mid to high power levels.

The Omni chip, the board that is responsible for the ultimate performance of this device is worth talking about. It delivers an exceptionally consistent vape, accurate wattage, and temperature control, as well as one of the shortest firing delays available in the market today. Taking all that and condensing it into a tiny, pocket-sized device makes the Vaporesso Revenger Mini even more impressive. The cCELL ceramic coils truly deliver a one of a kind vaping experience, and every vaper owes it to themselves to try it out.

The Revenger Mini Mod is available for $61.90 at the Vaporesso online store. Vaporesso is a well-known brand, noted for the production of vape devices and supplies. Check them out for all your vaping needs.


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