Do electronic cigarettes produce smoke?

No they produce a vapor that disappears in a few seconds. Generally odorless but depending on the flavoring used it can have a very light, usually pleasant, scent to it. Unlike cigarette smoke the vapor and possible light scent given off by electronic cigarettes does not linger.

How should I store my e-liquid?

If stored in a cool dark place a small bottle of e-liquid will keep for two to six months, depending on the flavoring used and variations in exposure to sunlight and heat.

Long term storage is a bit more tricky but very possible if a few simple precautions are taken. There is no set time-limit but some vapers have reported successful storing for over 24 months using these methods:

First of all prefer to store unflavored Nicotine / PG / VG. Always store them undiluted.
Glass bottles are better for long-term storage since nicotine will slowly dissolve plastic, PG will leach plasticizers from plastic and so might VG.
Leave as little room as possible in the bottles to be stored to minimize exposure to oxygen.
Prefer to store in the freezer instead of refrigerator where there’s less humidity.
Once a bottle is opened prefer to use it instead of putting back in storage.

I get lost in the Jargon, can you help?

Yes that is an easy one, as with any hobby so with vaping (the use of electronic cigarettes) there’s a few technical terms, new names and a lot of abbreviations used. While browsing this site all vaping related abbreviations are explained in tooltip form if you simply mouse-over them. A “jargon buster” page is under construction so do not be afraid to ask for any term you might not find.

This tastes awful, what’s wrong with it?

It could be a couple of things like a slow wicking atomizer or bad juice but very likely if you just got your first starter package and in all the excitement attached everything and started vaping (we have ALL done it) then that bad flavor is most likely due to the primer, a liquid the atomizers are filled with before shipping from the factory. All atomizers with very few exceptions are primed when delivered. The primer is a foul smelling and tasting liquid and you should blow it out before using an atomizer, if you didn’t (likely since you’re reading this) there’s no need for alarm, remove the atomizer and blow it out now by detaching it from the battery and cartridge and blowing hard into one end over the sink or in a tissue, reattach the cartridge and take a couple of long sharp draws without activating the battery (don’t attach it if it’s an automatic one), not too sharp so you won’t end up with a mouthful of juice. Now try vaping again.. better no?

Personally I prefer to wash brand new atomizers under steaming hot water before using them for the first time.