The Vaping in Vapor Net is a term adopted by the users of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) and is derived from the vapor produced by e-cigs.

E-cigs do not involve combustion and do not involve the inhalation of tar and many of the carcinogens produced by a traditional tobacco cigarette.

E-cigs are therefore generally accepted to be a cleaner, cheaper and healthier way to enjoy nicotine than smoking.

During September 2010, I gave vaping a try in the hope that it would help me to cut down on cigarette smoking. From that moment on, I have neither smoked nor wanted to smoke a cigarette again.

I hope this blog/information site will be useful to anybody who is curious about e-cigarettes and would love to receive comments and advice from new and experienced vapers alike. I will post my experiences here, in the hope that others may find them useful and who knows, maybe even entertaining.

Please feel free to register and comment, as this will contribute to my goal to make this site a useful resource for vapers.