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Tips for getting the best vape juice flavors

Nothing is as good as taking a big hit of tasty e-liquid and watching it billow through the air as you exhale luxuriously. Vaping e-liquids have changed the world of smoking, allowing smokers to enjoy their favorite activities without the stigma (and health risks) that are so closely associated with cigarettes. Vaping is of course not just a convenient way to avoid smoking! It’s also incredibly enjoyable all alone, even if you don’t order nicotine in your flavorful e-liquids any more (or never). In a single delicious puff, you can have all the pleasure of billowing clouds, fantastic taste, and trendy high-tech gadgets.

Know you vaporizer

It is important to be familiar with your vaping device. Every design of vaporizers is different and not all vapes have been created equal. Some are small, some growing. Some run hotter than others, or colder. Others are made for very thick e-liquids and others for thin ones. For every vape model, there will be instructions and recommendations, not to mention reviews from other users that will guide you through the experience you’re looking for.

Consider PG and VG

Good or bad experience when you make your vape juice is largely dependent on the blend of your PG and VG. When inhaled, each offers a unique sensation that can alter the way your hit feels and the clouds that are being formed. Many beginners prefer low VG juices as they provide a hit that they feel more familiar with. If you’d prefer a smoother hit with bigger clouds, instead investigate juices which are high VG.

Sample friends’ flavors

If you’ve got some friends or relatives who vape, ask them if you could try any of their e-juice. Most experienced vapors have at least a small collection of various flavors you can sample to get a better idea of what you like. Also, you can ask friends and family what kind of e-liquid brands and flavors they would recommend. Taking advice from them could help you discover new flavors and save yourself from wasting your money on sub-par juice.

High VG or massive clouds

The flavor is perfect for many crazy vapers out there but the clouds themselves are a major part of the fun. Seeing the clouds billow in the air, blowing them through shafts of light or occasional shadows, and seeing mist drift away from you, is beautiful. Some people enjoy filling the vape with glasses and some have the lung capacity and determination to fill entire rooms. But you need to be able to produce clouds first.

Don’t forget about the nicotine levels

Similar juices contain varying amounts of nicotine. If you’ve recently stopped smoking cigarettes, you may want to choose a juice with a higher amount of nicotine. Most drinks too have no preferred nicotine. Decide if you want nicotine at all in your e-juice, and if so, decide what amount of nicotine you will be interested in.

You don’t want to vape a flavor you don’t like. You’ll quickly find at least one variety with so many options on the market that you do. The guide above will help you select the right flavor to match your tastes. Another important e-liquid I would recommend to you if you are not using is Flavorah. E-liquids from Flavorah is the best choice for any DIY e-juice. They have a ton of varieties to choose from.


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