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Aspire Cleito 120 Tank Review

The Aspire Cleito 120 looks strikingly similar to its cousin, the original Cleito tank but it has been given huge upgrades in terms of performance. The 120 utilizes a larger chassis to accommodate Aspire’s newly designed coil system which makes it capable of working up to 120W.  It still maintains many of its stylistic elements which have made the Aspire Cleito so very popular in the vape world. One of these is that it remains a top fill tank, thus making it easy and to refill with far less mess.

The Cleito 120 now has a 4.0ml tank capacity, which is upgraded from the 3.5ml previous tank capacity, What’s more, the new and unique coil design increases the effective airflow allowing circulation that lets the coils reach 120W without ever over-heating.  This Aspire Cleito comes with one pre-installed 0.16ohm Clapton coil and a replacement one so you’ll be ready to vape as soon as you take it out of the box.  Because of  all these upgrades, the Cleito 120 is easily gaining votes as one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market today.

Aspire Cleito 0.4 Clapton Coil

The 0.4ohm Clapton Cleito coil is without a doubt my favorite of the two that come with the kit. I did get a few burnt hits when I ventured above 55W, so I would recommend staying below that. The preferred range for me was between 40-45W. At this wattage, the flavor and clouds were both excellent.

Aspire Cleito 0.2 Clapton Coil

The 0.2ohm vaped well for me at about 60-65W. We all have our preferences, and the 0.2 ohm coils wasn’t for me. It got a bit hotter (like really hot) than the 0.4ohm coil did, plus I preferred the flavor on the 0.4ohm coil at a somewhat lower wattage. In regards to ramp up time; the 0.2ohm coil head took considerably longer than the 0.4ohm .


Lightweight and Short

The Aspire Cleito is a lightweight sub ohm tank that measures 22mm in diameter. It’s also short; quite a bit shorter than the previous Aspire sub- ohm tanks.

Fantastic Flavor

The flavor using the 0.4ohm Clapton kanthal coil head was absolutely fantastic. Since this tank costs a fraction of what other top tanks cost, I was very surprised. (in a good way of course) In all honesty, the flavor is right up there with tanks like the Herakles Plus, Crown, and Rafale.


This Cleito tank can be bought for about $17.99 – $22.95 online. This actually makes it about half the cost of a few of the other leading sub-ohm tanks. Aspire still provides you with a spare Pyrex glass, in addition to two Kanthal coils with the Cleito kit. Replacement coils cost around $20 for 5 pieces which isn’t the cheapest, but it isn’t too bad either.

Big Airflow Along with Massive Clouds

Simply put, the air flow on the Aspire Cleito is massive. This combined with those Clapton coils, ensures that you will get amazing clouds. If you enjoy both flavor and clouds, you’re not going to be disappointed by the Aspire Cleito.

Easy Top Fill

The infamous Aspire top fill is extremely easy to use and there is plenty of room when it comes time to refill the 120.


Top Cap Heat

The Cleito gets pretty darn hot, especially when you use the 0.2ohm Clapton coil at high wattages. The top cap, since it’s directly connected to the coil, gets quite hot, so be sure that you use one of the silicon chuffs that Aspire provides.

You Can’t Replace the Coils without Emptying the Tank

With this design, the coils are actually at the same time also the chimney of this tank. While this does indeed keep the number of parts down to a minimum, it unfortunately means that you will need to empty the tank before changing a coil.

Can’t Use Your Own Drip-Tip

You can sorta use your own 510 drip tip on the Cleito, but it really doesn’t fit that well and it looks kinda weird. I, along with many others, recommend sticking with the Delrin drip-tip that Aspire has installed.

Tank Capacity

The Aspire Cleito Clapton coils will eat a lot of e-juice yet produce some really huge clouds. This means simply that the 4 ml tank will not last you a very long time. That said, the top fill is super-easy to use, and makes re-filling a snap.

Final Verdict

If you have been searching for a cheap sub ohm tank, that makes those massive clouds and has dynamite flavor, then pick up the Aspire Cleito

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