Pod systems have come to stay. Even better are the disposable versions like the Allo Bar, an all-in-one salt nicotine delivery system that is designed with simplicity and portability in mind. If you are not a fan of changing coils, refilling ejuice tanks, remembering to charge your device’s battery or maintenance, the Allo Bar Disposable E-Cig is your go-to vape device.

The Allo Bar disposable E-Cig features a light-weight and compact design allowing you to carry it about anywhere and enjoy discreet vaping whenever you want. The device has a close resemblance to other disposable e-cigs, featuring a rectangular build, draw-activation with a non-refillable ejuice tank and a non-rechargeable 300 mAh battery that is designed to deliver about 300 puffs depending on how much you vape. 

Using The Allo Bar Disposable E-Cig

Unlike all the complicated vape devices out there where you would have to tweak a lot of settings before getting down to vaping, the Allo Bar Disposable is pretty simple to operate. You simply take the precharged Allo Bar Mango Ice E-Cig out of the pack and go in for a vape. There are no additional settings, you do not have to fill the ejuice tank since it comes prefilled. To crown it all, it is a draw-activated device so there are no buttons at all on the body. Much like an actual cigarette, only that the Allo Bar is flat and rectangular. 

Allo Bar Mango Ice Disposable E-Cig by Allo Vapor Review

On the side of the device is an inscription with a set of arrows that tell you the side of the device where you will be inhaling the vaporized ejuice from. On that side of the device, you will find two escape holes that serve as the mouthpiece. 

The Allo Bar comes with over-inhale and short circuit protection so you can vape without any issues whatsoever. 

The Allo Bar Mango Ice Ejuice

Inside the streamlined chassis of the Allo Bar Mango Ice E-Cig is a 1.3ml ejuice tank that can keep you vaping between 1 to 2 days depending on how frequently you vape. This is just the same amount of time that the device’s 300mAh battery will carry you for. 

The Allo Bar Mango Ice Disposable E-Cig by Allo Vapor comes prefilled with an ejuice mixture made from mixing fresh tropical mangoes harvested from all regions with icy mint. When you inhale, your taste buds are warmly greeted by the velvety smooth vape that delivers a hint of sugar and mint that just add to the tropical flavor notes. If you are a fruit-loving vaper, this mango ice Allo Vape is an excellent addition to your vape library. 

Allo Bar Mango Ice Disposable E-Cig by Allo Vapor Review

One Pro about the Allo Bar is the plethora of ejuice flavors you get to choose from. If you are completely new to vaping, they have other ejuice flavors that will satisfy your flavor cravings just as much as the Mango Ice. You get to choose from Apple Peach, Blue Raspberry, Classic Tobacco, Fuji Apple Ice, Grape Ice, Lychee Ice, Melon Ice, Mixed Berries, Orange Mango guava, Peach, Peach Lemon, Pineapple Ice, Pomegranate Ice, Red Line Ice (Energy Drink), Spearmint, Strawberry, Strawberry Watermelon, and Watermelon Ice. 

The best part is that you can get as many Allo Bar ejuice flavors available at an affordable price on Haze Town Vapes. 

Nicotine Concentration

The Allo Bar Mango Ice Disposable E-Cig is available in two heavy nicotine concentrations depending on how you like to enjoy your vaping. If you like strong nicotine hit that is not too high, yet not too mild, a 20MG (2%) will do the trick. On the other hand, if you prefer to go all out, a 50MG (5%) version of the Allo Bar will send you to the heights of vape satisfaction.

Allo Vapor makes use of a nicotine salt formula in their Allo Bar ejuice mixtures. Salt nicotine is what is responsible for the strong and smooth throat hits that you are rewarded with every time you take a drag. If you are a transitioning smoker, you will love the strong throat hits that are not harsh or overpowering in any way.


You can get the Allo bar Mango Ice Disposable E-Cig by Allo Vapor on https://hazetownvapes.com for $8 instead of the original $10, making it even cheaper than its close rival, the Puff Bar. The Allo Bar comes neatly packaged. Straight out of the box, you can go right in for a vape, and once you are done, you simply toss it and pick up another. 


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