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Kanger Cupti Kit Review

Allow me to introduce to you one of the leaders of all-in-one mods in the world, the Kanger Cupti Kit. This mod has been made to correct all the drawbacks of its NEBOX predecessor, along with a plethora of features to boast about. Let’s get to know the Kanger Cupti 75W all-in-one starter kit below and see how it fits taste.

If you are particular with appearance, this mod boasts of a sleek and simple look that can be perfectly handy to all your whereabouts. The body is made from aluminum zinc alloy. Its curved sides have a smooth feel and ergonomic grip.

Once you receive your mod, you will notice that it has a large wide bore drip tip on top. Again, this is an improvement over the Nebox, which features a small drip tip. For this device, there are two drip tip – a broad drip tip that is good for direct-to-lung vapor and the slim 510 drip top for a cigarette-type feel.

Snatch a whole kit for as low as NZD $89.99 at Items included are a Cupti mod, a Clocc SUS316L 0.5 ohm, a Clocc NiCr 1.5 ohm, a spare drip tip, a USB cable, and the very useful user manual. Colors available are black, white, and champagne gold.

The mod and its buttons are very easy to use. A small display screen is positioned on the top part of the device. It has two adjustment buttons. On first look, you will immediately notice the cut out running almost full length of the device. This gives a clear visual view of the amount of e-juice left. Also found on the side is the fire button, whereas the bottom part contains the micro-USB charging port and a battery bay latch.

Just sitting next to the drip tip is a large, wide OLED screen that will help you navigate through the device easily. The screen bears important information such as atomizer resistance, battery level, voltage, wattage, and vape mode. If you press either the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons, the orientation of the screen changes.

With so many specs and features to offer, the Kanger Cupti can be your cup of tea. I specifically like how you can bring this anywhere you go (it measures only 22 mm in diameter and 82 mm in length). This pocket-sized mod has a built-in tank that features a “cup” design. Such design prevents e-juices from leaking out.

The tank, which is made from stainless steel and Pyrex glass, can hold up to 5 ml of e-juice. It comes with two CLOCC coil family options for this mod – the 0.5 ohm SS316L with a voltage range offer from 15 watts to 60 watts, and a 1.5 ohm coil for mouth to lung users with a range between 10 watts and 26 watts.

The Kranger Cupti kit also has an adjustable airflow. This allows you to control vapor production. Just below the drip tip, you can find the airflow valve where air is drawn by a pair of 10 mm by 2 mm air slots. This allows vapor to cool first before it reaches the mouth, and adjusting the airflow can increase or decrease vapor production.
The device has a maximum output of up to 75 watts, supports a minimum resistance of 0.15 ohm, and temperature ranges from 200F to 600F. The tank is equipped with an atomizer, and the mod is perfectly paired with CLOCC atomizers made from Ni-Chrome (for variable wattage) and CLOCC atomizers made of stainless steel (for temperature control vaping).

As I said earlier, the Kanger Cupti has a locking bottom battery door. Just unlatch the lock so you can access the single 18650 battery bay. This makes changing batteries easier and hassle-free. You can charge the battery by removing it out from the slot or charging it with an internal charger.

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