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Choosing your e-liquid flavor

You’re on the fence about starting vaping and you want to make sure you’re upfront choosing the right e-liquid. So you start shopping and find that there are literally thousands of options and you just don’t know what to choose from. So, what is the right vape juice for you? The response is, it all depends on your preferences and vaping intention. This article will guide you through the things to look out for to enjoy your vaping experience.

Can I go for a blend or single flavor vape juice

Which is better: Mixes or single flavors? This simply depends on your choice. Both blends and individual vape juice flavors prove very common! Nothing beats the versatility of a regular flavor such as strawberry or vanilla, but at the same time blends are certainly among some of the favorite picks because they are fun enough to smoke during the day.

Unlike some opinions, single aromas are far from boring and one-note. If simple vanilla isn’t your thing, then you might find solace in a different flavor. “Blend” basically means that there are many distinct mixed flavors, examples include Volcanic Lava Juice, a tasty and nuanced combination of raspberry, pineapple, coconut, and cream flavors. You can choose what you like.

Another tip: if you’re just trying a flavor for the first time or want to try lots of different flavors, buy a smaller bottle (like 15 ML) just in case you don’t end up loving it. When you find the flavors you love, you can store and buy in bulk. One major advantage of buying in bulk is that you always have available your favorite flavor.

The tobacco flavor

The Familiar Taste of Tobacco-flavored vape juice is a common way of switching from conventional to vaping cigarettes. Without the carcinogens, tar and other dangerous chemicals found in cigarette smoke the taste provides a cure for your craving. Besides, a lot of smokers love nicotine taste. As a result, almost all manufacturers of vape juice have at least one tobacco flavor in their juice line.

Choose the Best Vape Juice Flavor for You

With so many amazing flavors out there, you’re sure to find at least one vape juices flavor you love. And, thanks to this guide, you can avoid wasting money on vape juices you won’t like. Just remember, if you are trying a new flavor or want to experiment with several flavors, buy smaller bottles first. You may not be as keen on the flavor as you expected once you try vaping it.

Always remember making your own e-liquids out of raw materials is an art. You can document this skill and share it with others in the vape community. If you are looking for e-liquid for a DIY e-juice then don’t hesitate to check out Flavorah. I am sure if you have been in the vape community for a while you know who they are. They have varieties of flavors you can choose from. Flavorah is used for the best vape juice recipes. 


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