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Lightning Herb Grinder by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Are you looking for a perfect grinder for grinding your medicinal herb, dry herbs, and spices? Then, Lightning Herb Grinder by Atomic Dog Vapor is the one for you. The device comes with an exclusive, modern, and stylish design. This grinder has sharp diamond cutting aluminum teeth for easy grinding of your herbs and spices in seconds. Lightning Herb Grinder can grind all your herbs and spices into finer bits. It is also perfect for kitchen and recreational uses. Strong aircraft grade aluminum is used for manufacturing this amazing device. It is equipped with a see-through top made of clear acrylic glass. The top window has scratchproof and you can watch the grinding process through it. It is portable and lightweight, so easy to carry anywhere you go.

Lightning Herb Grinder has an ergonomic design. Slimmer “waist” is provided for getting more control while grinding. It has 3 separate levels – the grinding level, storage level, and the herb particle catch at the bottom. The device is equipped with magnetic closure that keeps the lid and content secure during grinding. The pollen from the ground herb will be collected on the pollen catcher. The body is constructed using from heavy-duty zinc alloy for extra durability. This 4-piece metal grinder has a lightning-shaped hole for the herbs to drop to the bottom herb particle catch. The round base chamber makes the pollen collection and cleaning easier. Certainly, it will provide you with a fine grinding experience and a grind that is not too fine or too coarse. The grinder teeth insert comes in 5 different color schemes – Gold, Blue, Green, Red, and Purple. The housing is black.

Package Contents:

    1 x 4 pieces Herb Grinder-

  • Top cover with a see-through window and diamond-shaped teeth
  • Grinding Chamber with additional teeth
  • Mesh Screen for sifting pollen
  • Bottom herb particle collection chamber

1 x Pollen Scraper
1 x Velvet Carry Bag

Lightning Herb Grinder is simple to operate. First of all, place your dry herbs/spices into the teeth. Close the device with top cover and start moving the cover clockwise and counter-clockwise. You are finished when you can’t find any herb for grinding at the top. Cleaning the device is super easy. Clear the pollen and residual dry herbs as much as you can. Once done, you can clean the device with a dishwasher or with hot water. Hot water will help to remove the hardened pieces of herbs.

You can buy Lightning Herb Grinder from Atomic Dog Vapor’s online store at a competitive price of $11.99. Grab your piece now to avail of this discounted rate. Atomic Dog Vapor is a leading online vaping product seller in the United States. It can cater to all most all your vaping needs. The company has a wide selection of vape juice, coils, mods, batteries, and so many other vaping accessories for the customers to choose from. If you buy from Atomic Dog Vapor, you don’t have to worry about shipping. This company offers fast delivery services to all states in the US. The local deliveries are handled by USPS.


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