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VaporTech Vapo 1500 Summer Menthol Salt Nic Device Review
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VaporTech Vapo 1500 Summer Menthol Salt Nic Device Review

VaporTech just took the popular disposable vape devices to a different level. The VaporTech Vapo is a prefilled, disposable device that is infused with salt nicotine to suit a wide array of vapers. It also comes with a suite of interesting features all stashed in an extra small package. With the Vapo, you do not have to bother about remembering to refill your tank before going out, properly refilling, avoiding burning your coils, or your battery dying out on you. 

About The Manufacturer

VaporTech is the manufacturer behind this spectacular disposable pod device that you would soon come to love. They are a company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. They are an innovative company and their innovation is clear in every one of their products, from their electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and down to their line of premium ejuices. 

If you have been in the industry for a while, you have probably heard of some of their best-sellers like the Slim Auto, the Slim Twist, and even their line of delicious ejuices. They also have a line of flavorful disposable pod devices. Other than the VaporTech Vapo 1500 – Summer Menthol, they also have Vapo 1500 Star Berry, Vapo 1500 Melonade, Vapo 1500 Sorbetto, Vapo 1500 Cherry Banana Ice Cream, Vapo 1500 Peach, and Vapo 1500 Cherry Lemonade.

VaporTech Vapo 1500 Summer Menthol – Design and Build 

It is almost as long as your pinky finger and lightweight too, so you can afford to check discreet and stealthy vaping off your list when you get this disposable pod device from VaporTech. Even though it is small, it is still pretty sturdy and durable so it will not come apart. 

VaporTech Vapo 1500 Summer Menthol Salt Nic Device Review

You do not have to bother about recharging or refilling devices. Once you are through with the contents, simply dispose of the unit and pick up a fresh one. It comes with a 6.5ml prefilled ejuice tank. It also comes equipped with a generous 1000mah battery that is sure to keep you vaping until the very last drop of ejuice. 

As you would expect from a disposable device, this VaporTech Vapo also utilizes a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism, no buttons, no switches; simply remove the mouthpiece protector, place the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a drag. 

How Does The VaporTech Vopo 1500 Summer Menthol Taste?

The menthol flavor you get when you inhale and exhale is something that would make you say ‘wow’. It is more like mint or menthol mixed with a fruity flavor. The draw is smooth, much better than you would expect considering the size of the device. 

How Long Do The VapeTech Vapo Last?

Straight out of the pack, this VaporTech Vapo disposable pod device can keep you vaping for a long time, approximately 1500 puffs, which is an incredibly remarkable feat considering it is such a small device, and it is considerably larger than the popular JUUL pods. 

VaporTech Vapo 1500 Summer Menthol Salt Nic Device Review

How Much Nicotine Does The VaporTech Vapo Have?

The VaporTech Vapo 1500 Summer Menthol, just like all of the other Vapor disposable pod devices, comes with 50mg of salt nicotine. This is 5% of nicotine by volume and it is quite a high amount of nicotine so before you get startled asking about the harshness of the throat hit and all that, remember I said it was salt nicotine that they use and not freebase nicotine.

Salt nicotine features a slight alteration to the original (freebase) nicotine formula that allows it to accommodate high levels of nicotine without any of the harsh and sore throats hits that high levels of freebase nicotine have been known to give. This means that when you vape the VaporTech Vapo 1500 Summer Menthol, you will be getting a rich and strong but smooth and satisfying throat hit.


VaporTech Vapo 1500 Summer Menthol is a great way to say goodbye to smoking cigarettes for good. As a plus, you get to enjoy the rich, well-balanced flavor profile that your taste buds would be thanking you for each time you take a drag.

The Vapo disposable pod devices are quite affordable so you can afford to get as many flavor profiles you want without having to bother about your wallet running dry. You can get the VaporTech Vapo 1500 Summer Menthol for $17.99 on


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