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Kangertech Protank 3 Review – Are Dual Coils as Good as They Say?
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Kangertech Protank 3 Review – Are Dual Coils as Good as They Say?

When it comes to vape gear and vape styles, every vaper has a personal favorite. The Kanger Protank 3 came out in late 2013 accompanied by a handful of mixed reviews. Right from the start, the Kanger protank 3 has redesigned its dual coil atomizers in an attempt to quell some of its earlier reported issues of loose mouthpiece and leaking dual coil atomizers so it is more satisfying to vapers everywhere.

Protank 3 Design

The biggest change to the Protank 3 is the integration of dual coil atomizers along with clever modifications to the post, the drip tip, and a few others. The mouthpiece of the Kanger protank 3 is a fluid teardrop shape. The drip tip on the protank 3 is now 510 threaded which means that you can now fit a 510 threaded MOD without the need for adapters. A classic example of Kanger making your vaping even easier. The Kanger Protank 3 features an Ego cone cover that comes in super handy to cover the threads of your Ego batteries on the protank. The cone comes with its own air slots which works well with other protanks that have built-in air slots.

Kangertech Protank 3 Review – Are Dual Coils as Good as They Say?

The coils on the Protank 3 are etched into heads. The atomizer heads are made with a silicone grommet instead of a rubber one, which is why you need to screw the head on properly if you want a rich vapor experience.The protank 3 has a standard 2.5ml ejuice capacity, and thanks to its stronger and glue-free base design, the protank 3 is much less likely to leak compared to other clearomizers. While dual coils have been known to get hot, the improved base design of the system is able to balance out the added head which presents you with longevity and an overall good performance.

Protank 3 Coils

The dual coils of the Protank 3 is the main reason why you will be buying this tank. The dual coils are designed to allow more vapor production. The Kanger protank 3 features non-interchangeable coil heads and a longer stem than its previous models which prevents you from using a single coil replacement or the coils in the protank I, II, Mini, and Unitank. However, there are upgraded Nichrome Kanger VOCC-T Dual Coil Replacements made with Japanese Organic cotton wicks that you can use to replace the silica fiber standard coils that come with your device if you fancy a superb vaping experience from your Kanger Protank. The upgraded coils are redesigned with a metal casing with the wicks on the inside. This upgrade allows you to have greater control over the amount of ejuice that is being absorbed.

The average lifespan of a coil is anywhere from 10-20 days depending on how frequent you vape. When your coil heads begin to wear down, you will experience leaking issues and dull flavor and vapor production. This is when a replacement comes in handy if you still want to be vaping with the Kanger Protank 3.

Kangertech Protank 3 Review – Are Dual Coils as Good as They Say?

The replacement Kanger VOCC-T dual coils are available in 1.5ohm and 1.8ohm. In addition to the Kangertech Protank 3, the replacement coils are also compatible with AeroTank – incl Mega, Mini & v2: EVOD2 & EVOD Mega; Mini Protank 3, and T3’D. At the Atomic Dog Vapor stpre, you can get a pack containing five (5) coil replacements for as low as $7.99, much cheaper than even your local vape store, and much more convenient.


The Kanger Protank 3 comes in a sturdy square cardboard box that is nothing short of the luxurious packaging you would always expect from Kanger. The tank itself is priced at $19.99 but you can expect an online vape store like atomic dog vapor to sell at a lower price than that simply because their savings from not renting a store or paying for staffing (like a traditional brick and mortar store) is passed on to you in the form of cheaper prices.


For a tank that seems old in the vaping industry, the Kanger Protank 3 is still a force to reckon with. While there are no major additions to the design, the dual coil improvement is enough to change your vaping game for a richer flavor experience and vapor-full sessions. If you are a slow and deep inhaler, or you like operating your system on 9 or 10 watts, the Kanger protank 3 is just ideal for you. The best place you want to get this tank is Atomic Dog Vapor. You not only get to save wads of cash; you also benefit from their quick delivery. They ship all orders in record time, just as fast as Amazon, mostly using priority 2-3-day mail so you don’t have to wait a second longer than you should. 


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