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Where the Atomizers at?

It’s a familiar story to most, you’ve been vaping for a long time and somewhere along the way you get a little bit more confident, or forgetful with your gear leading to dead batteries and empty e-liquid bottles at the most inopportune moments. That is basically the summation of last Friday’s events, but since that hardly serves the blog let’s give some context.

The world cup is a wonderful season for me, it freely offers an excuse to go out drinking every single night. noon and morning. Also, there’s football, not that I ever cared that much. Never one to miss an opportunity I made arrangements to meet up with some friends last Friday for a pint and the game. I packed my k1000 (in a review last week), a bunch of batteries and a fresh bottle of juice. All set! HARDLY!

We got there a bit early, settled into our seats and ordered a nice refreshing pint with some wings, ok so it wasn’t wings like tradition would dictate, it was a lovely pork chop prepared splendidly on the grill with just a touch of olive oil and oregano to finish, it is a rarity for me to enjoy a pork chop that much but it was just the right thickness so it cooked well through the middle without drying out, it was served with a slightly pretentious rocket and pomegranate salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing that I really enjoyed and little bit of mash.. The mash was horrid, it tasted a bit plastic like it usually does when it’s prepared from that dehydrated goo. I may have gone off-topic here.

20 minutes from the kick-off my atty died. I was using a 306 with a sleeve and drip shield that to date has not been beaten for flavor, it was working great up to the moment of its untimely death at the tender age of two weeks. I suppose I was hitting it kind of hard as I usually do when enjoying myself but in reality, moderation is not something that comes to mind when having that much fun accompanied by good food, beer, and a good game. Before long, amongst staring at the barmaids.. erm EYES(!).. the shouting, laughing and occasionally glancing at the game we arrived at the age-old conversation. Smoking is still more convenient if you run out of anything you need only walk a few steps and buy it. Determined to prove that times have changed we wagered that come halftime I could quickly find a new atomizer without heading home.

*whistle – halftime – we’re off*
1st stop was the closest newsstand/tobacco sales kiosk type place. Behind the counter, there was a wall of cigarette packages, half of which I didn’t even recognize, but on the counter, there was a small stand with a selection of Hangsen eliquid at various strengths and flavors. The teller even pointed me to a very limited selection of cartos; CE4 and Kanger-ish bottom coiled types. Hardly enough to satisfy an avid atomizer user like myself but one could have easily kept on vaping, in a bind, just from visiting the same place a smoker would traditionally get their smokes.
My point was made, however, I was saddened at the selection. Returning to the bar (with time to spare before the second half) hidden behind a store that either sells sunglasses or really small tinted windows were hidden a little vaping lounge. Very little, basically a vape shop that pulled a couple of tables out in front of a large screen TV. PERFECT!

Full selection of vape gear and open late, I thought, while moving towards it in search of a new 306. The shopkeeper was polite, stood proudly in front of his selection of wares and offered a sampling of his flavors and full instructions on his latest and greatest. I asked for atomizers and he pointed me to a rather large selection of Chinese “clones”, a couple of “originals” and some 808D’s but upon inquiring on the existence of a low resistance, preferably bridge-less, 306 he nearly laughed in my face. No one uses those anymore, he said. I was livid. For a tenner, I got myself one of those SCAR atomizers from Smoktech that I wanted to try and the shop built me a coil since he wouldn’t let me build one myself. 1.6ohms and ready to go again. Back to the bar in time for the second half.

The experience bothered me, I was puzzled for the entire weekend. I had managed to find a large selection of vaping related accessories in less than 15 minutes but could not locate a decent 306, or an average one at that, nor a 510 or 901! Are atomizers really a thing of the past? The problem isn’t just limited to smaller nor newer shops.

A quick browse online resulted in similar results. Nonrebuildable atomizers are becoming harder and harder to find. This caught me completely unaware since my staples still carry them and I often see them listed in those annoying price-lists that manufacturers insist on sending me. With the introduction of the DNA20, DNA30, and equivalents we have finally moved away for the purely mechanical and genesis combinations towards rebuildable drippers, but is it just the market trend or will I eventually need to reconsider my setup?

I refuse! I mean, I like some of the smaller rebuildable but not as much as my 306’s so unless I find something that I enjoy just as much I simply will not settle, it’s just not in my nature! So to combat the shortages and my lowering reserves I formed a small co-op and along with 3 other people, we put in a large order for 306’s directly. Hopefully by the time they run out (given how I go through them it could be years) something better will come along. Meanwhile, keep on vaping 🙂

PS. I have no point to make, I often have no point to make, its part of my charm. This is no more than a collection of thoughts and events I wanted to share with you


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