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Halo Belgian Cocoa – A Juice Review

I thought I’d do a quick e-juice review today on the Halo Belgian Cocoa – 30 ml, 12 mg.

I have always been a fan of coffee/chocolate vapes but after the nightmarish episode with Tasty Vapor’s Cafe Macchiato, I’ve reluctantly had to change up what I vape on a daily basis.

The Belgian Cocoa is the latest release from the guys at Halo and judging from the reactions of other folks, this one’s a winner. But then again, I’ve seen people rave on and on about certain smoke juices that didn’t sit well with me – each to their own I guess. Everyone’s taste varies and people perceive flavors differently.

Aroma Test – First Impressions

When I first unscrewed the dripper cap, it smelled like chocolate cake fresh out the oven – a very strong aroma just like walking past a chocolate factory. I was quite excited at this point thinking I was about to get blown away with how good the juice was, and proceeded to open a fresh cartomizer and filled it up so I could start vaping.

The Verdict – Taste Test

The first couple of vapes were interesting. I picked up sweet notes followed by a strong hit of cocoa. Note that, although I ordered the 12 mg nicotine version from Halo (as opposed to my regular 18 mg) I still managed to get a very good throat hit out of it.

A couple more “toots” later and the disappointment started to sink in.

The juice started to taste a little bit “artificial” after a while, and slightly chemical. The analogy would be taking “Extra” sugar substitutes in your coffee rather than real sugar – it just tastes really weird.
Anyway, I persisted with it for the purpose of this smoke juice review, and after about 10 minutes or so, my entire living room started smelling like this pseudo Belgian chocolate. It gave me and other occupants of the room a bit of a headache, and I had to stop using it.

A few of the other Halo smoke juices I’ve vaped in the past do not have a lingering odor like this one (see my Halo Malibu review here).

I’ve come across a few different brands of liquids and they don’t tend to stink like this. I can’t explain it. All I know is that it gives me a headache after a while.

Bottom line…?

It smells like chocolate, but it sure doesn’t taste like it. I don’t particularly like the flavor but like I said before, many do love this e-liquid.

Any thoughts about the Halo Belgian Cocoa? Let me know how you find this smoke juice. Drop a comment down below in the box.


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