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Stranana & Wapple Vape Juice by NumSkullz Review

NumSkullz specializes in the production of candy-flavored e-liquids. This innovative company’s marketing provides two-in-one packs. The different flavors are packaged in a single box. The most recent releases include Breezy & Brazy, and Stranana & Wapple. NumSkullz two-pack offers a combo solution and allow vapers to mix e-juices and produce new flavors.

While Breezy & and Brazy offers the combo peach-banana and blueberry-raspberry, Stanana & Wapple is the combination of strawberry-banana and watermelon-apple. The two-pack solution not only provides vapers two bottles with different flavors, but the possibility to mix the flavors and create another superb taste. Stranana & Wapple is very popular on the market for its unique flavor. If you like candy-flavored e-liquids, you will find Stranana & Wapple irresistibly good.The combo pack of Stranana & Wapple is also known as the ‘tropical two-pack’.

A Fantastic Flavor

Wapple gives vapers the fantastic flavor of watermelon-apple. On the inhale there is a tantalizing flavor of tart green apples and on the exhale the flavor is combined with an undertone of watermelon. The watermelon taste is delightful. The tart apple and sweet watermelon blend together very well.

Stranana is the combination of strawberry-banana. On the inhale you get the delightful strawberry flavor and hints of banana. On the exhale the banana flavor is more dominant with the strawberry in the background. It’s delicious. If you like mix-fruit flavored e-liquids, both of juices could easily be an all-day vape for you. The flavors are just perfect. If you mix the flavors of Stranana with that of Wapple, you have a lot of the strawberry and banana with the tartness of the apple. The watermelon kind of comes in as an undertone.

VG/PG Ratio

The Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Stranana-Wapple is 70/30. The cloud production is excellent, without sacrificing the flavor. You get a dense cloud that lingers for a while in the air. The e-juice is quite thick however, it’s easy on coils. An RDA will give you the best vaping experience.

Nicotine Strength

Stranana-Wapple is available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. These are mild throat hit levels. Wapple is soft, gentle, but with somewhat of a fresh element to it, Stranana has smoothness and is more refreshing. As you vape, you will not feel any weird sensation such as burning or charring in the throat. There is no itching in the nose either as you exhale. It’s just subtle, smooth and clean.

You may feel like you prefer stronger throat hits however, when you vape, you will conclude that the mild throat hits are perfect and allow you to relish the fantastic flavor and simultaneously blow huge clouds. It’s not overwhelming. You can always purchase nic shots separately.


You will find, inside the box, two clear glass dropper bottles having a capacity of 30ml. That is 2x30ml. They both have childproof caps. The label is quite cute. All you have is the brand name aesthetically written, the name of the e-juice and some spots. Stranana has yellow spots, Wapple has purple spots.

The box shows that there are two bottles inside by being split in half with two different colors. Purple for Stranana and green for Wapple. The box has spots all over. You will find information about the product, and a mandatory notification that is usually found on products containing nicotine


If you’re seeking the best deal on e-juice has fantastic offers. You will discover premium-quality products at a very competitive price. Vapefu also has excellent customer service. Occasionally there are 30% or 50% off reductions.


NumSkullz is known for its combo packs that allow to mix the flavors and obtain a brand new one. If you’re going to mix the flavor of one bottle with the other, I highly recommend that you use the proportion 60%/40%. For example, 60% of Stranana blended with 40% of Wapple. The company uses only natural ingredients. You will not feel any chemical aftertaste in the mouth to suggest artificial flavoring.

Stranana-Wapple is perfect if you like mixed-fruit flavored e-liquids or if you’re a flavor chaser in the quest for something new. You will relish the flavors. They’re delicious and can easily be an all-day vape.


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