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Cheap E-Juice Peach Iced E-Liquid Review

Cheap E-Juice Peach Iced eliquid will definitely make both menthol and fruit lovers all gaga. This unique tasting blend of freshly packed peach fruits mixed with some apple slices and blended to a cooling perfection of an icy cold twist will make you want for more. This will definitely leave you floating in the air.

My senses were immediately awakened the second I opened the 120 ml chubby gorilla bottle. My nerves were ecstatic to find that sweet and perfect scent of peach as if I was in a real Peach orchard. The taste is also as interesting as it smells. It’s tropical peach paradise with hints of apples and icy menthol in here. I literally almost wanted to gulp the bottle to its last drop!

Anyways, I was so excited to get this into my tank and see if this was as good as I thought it was, and boy was I not disappointed. This delicious vape absolutely delivered a phenomenal hit on my first puff! The perfect blend of peaches and apples as well as the menthol was mind blowing. These two fruity flavors are actually two of the flavors that are hard to capture in vape form.

On the inhale, you will immediately notice the mentholated taste of peach that is as crisp and juicy as a freshly picked fruit. This flavor lasts throughout the exhale but notes of apples start to appear on the way out. Impressively, this leaves no weird or chemical-like aftertaste. A sweet and refreshing kind of coolness from the fruits and ice stay instead. Unlike other ejuices, this Peach Iced vape juice will not leave your mouth feeling thirsty or your throat dry.

This is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. For such a ratio, the flavor is not only superior, but the clouds are also thick and puffy. This means that flavor and cloud chasers alike will really go running after this vape juice. The clouds are dense and the sweet peachy scent tend to linger on the air for some time.

There are two nicotine options available for this Cheap E-Juice bottle – 3 mg and 6 mg. I went for the 3 mg of nicotine version and it gave an excellent throat hit. It is definitely there but NOT in an overwhelming or harsh way. It runs pleasant and smooth on the throat without the coughing or spluttering from overpowering nicotine content. The 6 mg of nicotine version, on the other hand, is highly suitable for previous cigarette smokers as this can somehow mimic the hit cigarette sticks give them.

This Peach Iced eliquid from Cheap E-Juice is highly recommended as an all-day vape. Unless you don’t get tired of the taste, this can even be an all-week or all-month vape. Again, this is not harsh on the throat and will not give you that gaggy feeling. One more thing, this pup is a one clean vape. You do not have to worry about your coils or atomizers because this ain’t a killer. In fact, I tried vaping this the entire morning and I was surprised to see my cotton still looking nice and clean.

The chubby gorilla bottle has a child-resistant cap, a great added safety feature, especially for parents with kids around. Because the bottle is equipped with a needle tip, squeezing out this Peach Iced eliquid into an atomizer or dripper is easier and cleaner. The bottle is wrapped with a label, and you can easily find all important facts around. Data such as brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, manufacturing date, expiration date, and the usual warnings are all right there.

Cheap E-Juice does not want you to have second thoughts when it comes to price tags. For a premium quality blend like this, it will only cost you $12.99. You read that right, and that’s a 120 mil bottle by the way. It is super pocket friendly and definitely worth the price. Visit the Menthol Flavors collection now.

Overall, the Peach Iced vape juice has become one of my favorite fruit-flavored eliquids. I was even happier since its price will allow me to enjoy this as much as I want. I am recommending this for those who are hunting for a great peach or pear with a twist of menthol flavor.


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