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Ecig Media: What Does The Largest Vaping Ad Network Have To Offer?

Advertising your products in the vaping industry can be quite a tedious task. It can be a pain to keep track of all of their advertisements at once, and to top that, you also have to shovel out enough money to purchase the minimum amount of advertisements that would be necessary to be featured across a multitude of sites.

A Brief Intro To Ecig Media 

Ecig Media is a company that brings you closer to your customers using advertising strategies that work best for the vaping market. Ecig Media aims to be the best advertising agency as far as vaping is concerned. Since 2008, they have generated over $12 million in vape-related sales via their in-house publisher websites.

Ecig Media brings all of the top publishers under one roof for you so you can easily manage all of your marketing campaigns from one place. They have also partnered with most of the top publishers in the vaping industry and are able to provide you access to over 200 million impressions every month. 

ECig Media

What Service Does ECig Media Offer?

Once you access their website,, you have access to their lineup of advertising strategies that are sure to get your brand noticed. 

Display Advertisement and Influencer Marketing

By working with Ecig Media, you associate your brand with the best e-cigarette and vaping-related publications both online and in print, thereby boosting your visibility. YYou also get to develop a repertoire with enthusiasts and personalities in the vaping community that can help to build your brand’s reputation and presence.

To do this, you just have to set a budget to begin advertising on the Ecig Media display network. Ecig Media develops each campaign with a specific need in mind. You provide the creatives and campaign benefits, Ecig Media provides you with impressions served, click through rate, and optimization as your campaign ensues.

ECig Media


Every brand in this age should know the effects of SEO on visibility. SEO is a long-term solution to increasing exposure, rankings, and traffic, and it is something that you need to work on consistently. To get this done for you, Ecig Media writes reviews of your product or service in the form of articles containing backlinks that lead to your page. They make use of popular keywords in the vaping niche that would help to increase your exposure to google. 

Furthermore, those articles are put in a multi-tiered linking program to push more backlinks to them which also helps to index the articles faster and boosts your keyword rankings in google much faster. The good part is that you are in complete control of your order at any time. 


The service that Ecig Media provides is outstanding and consistent. Their advertising strategies have been proven to increase your rankings on the Google charts with every campaign. Their SEO/PPC driven strategy has done wonders for one too many brands. 


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