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A Look at: The Kanger EVOD

There seems to be some global conspiracy! Every time I label a cartomizer with my “fuck it too much hassle” stamp a brand new more promising one comes out.. and we’re back to the beginning. This is exactly what happened with Kanger, I loved the idea of the T3 and MT3 but once I gave up on trying to get some consistency out of them they came up with the new and improved EVOD (and pro tank..but that’s a different post).

This isn’t a review, however, despite it starting as one. You see what happened was this: I got a nice price on an EVOD and 3 heads (the included one and 2 LR ones).. and I got a completely different vaping experience from each of the heads to the point where even now, 3 weeks later, I just can’t make up my mind on the whole system! So instead I will post some photos, take a look at the cartomizer and head system and leave it at that. Pretty much the same thing I always do but without a fucking conclusion.. deal with it!

Let’s get started with a small (optional) rant:

Kanger EVOD head disassembled, showing extra wicking on top of the coil

What is going on with Kanger?
Just how many different lines of the same cartomizer does one company need? I thought the EVOD would be a small improvement over the T3/MT3 situation but no! That just won’t cut it, they then went on to design the T3S and MT3S which are basically two piece bases for the T3 and MT3 so you only need to replace the head where the coil is.. pretty much like the EVOD! How fundamentally different can all these cartomizers be if they are basically the same principle in different shaped heads?

How about you just release the best one? Or if you are that afraid of losing the familiar name of the successful T3 why release the EVOD to begin with? Or how about you just make a large batch of T3 heads and then give the T3 crowd a coupon for a cheaper EVOD once they are sold out so you can move them over? As if that wasn’t enough we then get the Protank and Protank MINI which is basically an EVOD with a glass tube! This isn’t cars motherfucker, you don’t need a full range of models. A big one and a small one would do it.

The construction shares many it’s lines and function with the MT3 and MT3s. It’s a metal sleeve with a little window and a clear tank holding 1,6ml’s of eliquid. It’s slightly slimmer and doesn’t have that annoying knurling from the T3/MT3.. if this is intentional so the T3 heads will just not fit is not something I have information on, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Never-the-less the slimmer line is very welcome since unlike the T3’s these almost fit on an ego battery, naturally, Kanger wouldn’t care about this since they seem to fit on their own EVOD batteries.. which I haven’t seen sold many places. One of my tests was in fact on a standard eGo battery (with the LR head).

[Not a valid template]The changes come in a newer replaceable head system which is now a 2 piece assembly, similar to the eGo-C the connector holds the head. Much unlike the eGo-C, however, the head sticks out of the bottom of the connector to draw power directly from the battery/mod. In function, this is exactly like the T3, a bottom coil with two little wicks coming out of the side and a silicon ring insulating the juice from the central air tube. Just like their predecessors flipping the silica ring upside down and removing a few strands of silica seems to aid wicking a bit.. at the additional risk of leaking.

If you are to remove a few strands of silica do it from the topside, there are a few strands sitting on top of the coil there.


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