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Snack Shack Cotton Candy E Juice Review

Don’t we all just love summer? Summer is the season of state fairs with the inevitable accompaniment of the Ferris Wheel, bumper cars, carousel, and most especially fair food. And I am particularly referring to the bowling-ball-sized puffs of cotton candy.

Cotton candy is probably one of our comfort food as kids and I can’t help myself when it comes to looking for good and delicious cotton candy-flavored e-juices. And I may have found the perfect one after browsing on the Internet and finding this Snack Shack E Juice with a Cotton Candy flavor.

“Your favorite concession snack in a bottle. This is a spot on cotton candy flavor with a swirl of sweet strawberry and watermelon.” Reading from its product profile, I think this is not merely a sweet treat but a refreshing one that anyone would love. Check out below my two-cents on this blend.

First off, I have to admit that I have been hunting for a good cotton candy vape for a long time, and this one definitely won my heart. The taste is not so strong that will leave some bad taste in your mouth. The sweetness is also not gaggy, just the perfect blend. I love the fact that I can spoil myself with this sweet treat without actually worrying about the calories.

On the inhale, you will notice the light and refreshing combination of strawberry and watermelon flavors. These are then followed by the sweet and sour fizz on the exhale. I love the sweet aroma this e-juice gives off the moment you open that lid too. It seems like the smell itself takes you to the good old days where you think of nothing else but what carnival rides to hop on, shows to watch, or food to eat.

Anyways, the Cotton Candy e-juice by Snack Shack is made from natural and artificial flavor, USP vegetable glycerin, USP propylene glycol, and USP nicotine. It has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30. For such ratio, this e-juice has a great physical consistency. The e-liquid is not too thick as in to the point where it will gunk up your cottons. It is also not too runny where it can lead to leaks or end up being messy.

It also has a strong flavor and not to mention a decent cloud production. I honestly had a pretty good cloud experience to the point where I can easily create a cloud-filled room. And really, all the profile points it claims are true.

This sweet, pink airy carnival treat is not limited to summer alone. You can vape this on any day of the week, any month, thanks to its perfectly balanced sweetness that makes it suitable as an all-day vape. Moreover, it runs pleasantly and smoothly on the throat without feeling any nose burning sensation or the like.

Just like the rest of the blends, the Cotton Candy by Snack Shack is stored in a clear bottle with a white dropper cap. If you are a sort-of obsessive compulsive person, then the dropper cap ensures that transferring the e-juice from the bottle to the atomizer is done cleanly and mess-free. The bottle has a brown label with a wood-like background. A cowboy-like font displays the brand name ‘Snack Shack’ and just below it you can find images of fluffy blue and pink-colored cotton candies. The bottom part contains the name of the flavor (Cotton Candy) and the nicotine concentration level.

This blend comes in three nicotine level concentrations – 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg. The 6 mg of nicotine is recommended for those who are looking to get the strongest hit for the flavor. While this is just a fraction of the 24 mg some brands offer, this is already more than enough for most vapers out there. The 3 mg is most suitable for average users or those who are just starting to give vaping a try (a good startup tool per se), and the 0 mg of nicotine is for those who wants a guaranteed nicotine-free blend.

Overall, this vape juice really brings the delicious carnival treat to life. You can grab your own 60-mL bottle for as low as $24.99 only at I am highly recommending this e-juice, and I am giving my two thumbs up. Great quality at an affordable price.


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