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Aspire Pegasus Mod Review

The Pegasus is one of the first mods from Aspire. This electronic cigarette company is known for making some of the most outstanding tanks on the market. If you have used any Aspire product, then you know that the company is all about quality. The Aspire Pegasus is a 70W sub ohm vaping tank which supports temperature control.

The Pegasus is a stylish looking tank with an elegant brushed aluminum finish. It is surely an eye-grabbing mod. It has a dimension of 91mm by 45mm. It comes in brushed slate, brushed brass, and brushed chrome. Corners of the mod has nice rounded edges which make it comfortable to hold it in your grip.

The Pegasus has only one button, so it is not difficult to use it. It runs on a single 18650 battery which is not included in the package. However, it comes with a micro USB cable to charge the battery and upgrade the firmware. The battery compartment is located at the base of the device. There are some ventilation holes under the device to keep the battery section well aerated. The Pegasus mod can produce up to 70 watts. The battery of the mod tends to last very long especially if you are vaping at less than 40 watts. The USB port is located on the front of the mod so you can keep it upright while charging it. This mod supports pass-through technology, therefore, you can vape while it is charging. What’s more, you can opt to purchase a charging dock for the Pegasus instead of using the USB port on the device. The dock costs about $15.95.

The Aspire Pegasus is a temperature control mod. You can use it in temperature control mod or in normal wattage mode. The mod is compatible with nickel, titanium, and kanthal coil heads in temperature control mode. The resistance of the mod in regular wattage mode is 0.1 ohm to 3.0 ohm. However, in Bypass mode, it has a resistance range of 0.2 ohms to 3.0 ohm. The mod supports a temperature range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

As stated earlier, the Aspire Pegasus has only one button, and it comes with a very bright screen. The LED display automatically rotates depending on how you are holding it. There is an adjustment wheel on the top side of the mod that can be used to change the settings displayed on the screen. You need to turn the wheel to the left to lower the wattage or the right to increase.

The Pegasus comes with several safety features including 12 seconds automatic cutoff, low resistance protection, overheating protection, and low battery protection. Additionally, the mod would not fire if there is no atomizer attached or it is not attached properly.

There is a floating 510 connection on top of the mod for attaching your tank. It can fit any mod with a diameter of 22mm to 23mm without any overhang. You can get the Aspire Pegasus for virtually any top vape store like Vapor4Life for about $49.99. The Aspire Pegasus Mod Kit with the Triton 2 Tank costs just $79.99 on the Vapor4Life shop. The Triton 2 tank is one of the most popular tanks from Aspire. It has a capacity to hold 3ml of e-liquid and has a leak proof, top-fill design. You have the option of using different coil heads with the Triton 2 tank. It is even compatible with an RTA coil for those who want to get into building.

The Aspire Pegasus is very easy to operate, and it feels very solid in hand. While fingerprints may show on the body of the mod, it is scratch-proof. This mod is recommended for beginners and intermediate vapers. It could also do as a backup mod for advanced vapers.


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