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Love to Hate: The eGo UFO

This post is strictly based on my opinions, no one has made donations to a charity/lobby that I happen to chair or held my dog for ransom. I do need to mention that I cheated on this one a little bit. While I am going to be discussing the eGo UFO kit I never got the full kit, I already own a few ego batteries chargers and typical kit bloat-ware so I purchased the ‘UFO’ atomizer alone.

The eGo UFO is one of the newer kits that will be making their way into vape shops very soon; some shops already stock them. It’s basically the combination of eGo batteries with a rebuildable tank atomizer, and by tank I mean it has a needle so it can be used with tank cartridges and not a g-tank style rebuildable.

Now.. whoever came up with the idea of handing a rebuildable atomizer to a novice vaper should be taken out and slapped to death with a wet trout. Honestly can you imagine a day-1 vaper trying to make a smooth transition from their smoking habit by needing to wrap a good resistance coil and set up a wick that works sufficiently with their juice all the while being careful to avoid shorts and hotspots when the poor sod is desperately trying to figure out what nic level best suits them?

There’s enough of a learning curve during the transition to scare off many.. without all the tech considerations and know-how that can go into figuring out a rebuildable. It is not simply inconsiderate but flat out dangerous, consider the effects of exposing an eGo battery to a shorted or extra low resistance coil repeatedly. The entire idea is 10 pounds of stupid in a 5-pound bag and I feel very strongly against stupidity.. and cats.. but that’s another story.

While I classify starter kits are something a starter would buy (what a crazy idea!) it isn’t always so. Not all eGo users are novices; some experienced vapers will use eGo’s and for them, it might be a good deal right? HARDLY! This damn thing is inexperience, I’ll give it that.. but it’s fiddly, badly made and quite simply does NOT work out of the bag.

  In fact, the copy I was sent (directly from the manufacturer I might add) had a nice coil around a messy wick on the contacts but no wicking in the needle! So one can only imagine the tank cartridge would have to freely flow onto the coil since no contract was established, in other words, leak or steps similar to setting up a build would be needed, these include making a wick to sit in the needle by use of unmentioned and unsupplied stainless steel mesh and some extra silica/glass-fibre/whatever.

This is not my first rodeo; I have seen rebuildable sold without a properly setup coil before, but never half prepared. It almost feels like the manufacturer never bothered with that specific piece.

Once I did get it to work you’d think the nightmare was over and I’d be in for a nice little vape. Nope… naha.. ain’t happening broheim. While the air hole (have I mentioned that ‘airhole’ is my new favorite word?) doesn’t look very big when it stops leaking long enough to vape through it’s simply too airy which severely mutes the juice flavors.

Dripping is practically impossible unless you can manage to drip down the needle and then discover an ego-t type A drip tip. In both situations, it demands a LOT of care, preparation and constant maintenance without any real reward; just like my ex-wife!

Which brings me to another point: Most rebuildable atomizers currently are re-materialisations of the same 2 concepts, some have some minor tweaks and most have some cosmetic changes but they never change enough to the point of creating something new (some exceptions to this rule.. like every rule) and with the addition of new and cheaper rebuildable that have been mass-produced I often advise people to try one of the cheaper ones, see how they like them, before getting a more expensive one they might have their eye on. This is not so with this one.

One would think that this being so clearly a bulli clone it would be in some way indicative of how vaping on its counterpart feels but in reality this is such a poor quality vape it can unjustly deter vapers from the “real thing”.

Overall I’m not that “hateful” of the product, it was cheap and like most of my newer purchases I had very low expectations from it, which it delivered. If anything I am saddened by it. With so many other rebuildable options what one should expect the competition to drive improvement, this is a shortcut to profit and little else. This specific atomizer should not be taken into consideration as in any way indicative of proper rebuildable atomizers.


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