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Nasty Salt Cushman Nicotine Salt Review

This supremely popular mango flavor has taken the Asian and European vaping industry by storm due to its delicious and bold mango flavors. Others have tried to copy and imitate it numerous times but the original is still the one to get. Firstly, Nasty Salt Cushman Mango uses mango nectar harvested from shady tropical orchards, where the right amount of sun produces the plumpest yellow mangoes. Secondly, it adds in a layer of green and wonderfully tangy mangoes sourced from another part of the world. To complete this masterpiece, a final layer of Grade A, beautifully soft and creamy mangoes is brewed in carefully. The resulting flavor is a 3 layer mango masterpiece which Nasty Juice calls a special ‘3 layer mango flavor sourced from across the world’. Superior mango flavors will encircle your passageway with cottony clouds as you exhale. It will be unlike any other mango flavor you have ever tasted. In many ways, Nasty Juice Cushman Mango is the perfect nicotine salt flavor to try if you have never sampled any of Nasty Juice’s stellar creations before. A very subtle, almost undetectable menthol vibe is also detectable in this mix that further enhances the overall vaping experience. Truly the finest mango nicotine salt ever created.

Nasty Juice is a whale in the global vape industry with a team of about 200 staff based in their hometown of Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia. Nasty Juice specialises in blending fruit flavored vape juices and have built a steady fanbase based built upon exceptional taste and consistent quality. Studious research and development, testing and sampling separates them from the rest and it shows in the quality of their ejuices that have won various awards in Europe. They have a strict line-up of flavors (about 20) and take high precaution when releasing new products. Such dedication can be evidenced by them winning many awards including 1st place for Best Fruity Flavor by Vapouround Awards 2018 in the United Kingdom. Cool good looks with a good dose of showmanship, they have grown from serving the Malaysian market to pleasing the palettes of vapers in 72 countries.

Nasty Salt Cushman Mango Nicotine Salt is made with the highest USP Grade blend of 50% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG). You can purchase Nasty Salt Cushman Mango in a 30ml bottle in either 35mg or 50mg nicotine strength for USD14.85 from Punk Juice Vape Store. Based in Malaysia, Punk Juice Vape Store stocks a wide variety of Malaysian made ejuices. They also stock the widest range of Nasty Juice products on the market. They ship to the USA with a 7-day delivery policy using express shipping. Their stock of ejuice brands is carefully selected and tested so that vapers get only the best vape juices from Malaysia.


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