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Ice Pink Spark E-Liquid By Humble Juice Co. Review

Ice Pink Spark is a Humble Juice Co. vape juice that blends ripe lemons and menthol to get its fantastic taste. Ice Pink Spark is a classic pink lemonade e-liquid that flows smoothly. The flavor of this e-liquid is naturally exciting. If you have a thing for citrus fruit or menthol, then Ice Pink Spark is made for you. You can expect Ice Pink Spark to have a bold tart and crisp flavor.

Ice Pink Spark is an exciting mentholated pink lemonade vape juice. This Humble e-liquid has a natural taste that will make you want another hit. This vape juice does not taste like it contains any chemical flavors. Ice Pink Spark is one of those e-liquids that is easy to vape all day. Getting tired of vaping Ice Pink Spark is hard. This citrus and menthol flavor will get you hooked from the first hit you take.

Ice Pink Spark e-juice by Humble Juice Co. as vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. This mentholated pink lemonade vape juice can be vaped with either a sub ohm tank or with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Ice Pink Spark is produced to create massive clouds of vapor. Ice Pink Spark has a strong flavor that is reflects its Max VG content. You get thick clouds with every hit.

Ice Pink Spark by Humble Juice Co. is produced with high-quality nicotine. This mentholated pink lemonade vape juice come with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. This e-liquid has a smooth throat hit like other e-liquids by Humble Juice Co. Ice Pink Spark is one of those e-liquids that you vape without worrying about hurting your throat. You can choose the version of Ice Pink Spark with 0mg of nicotine if you are not a fan of nicotine. The versions of Ice Pink Spark with the 3mg and 6mg of nicotine is ideal for vapers who are fans of nicotine.

Ice Pink Spark is by Humble Juice Co. is produced with high-quality ingredients. Humble Juice Co. is a US-based vaping company. Humble uses only Natural & Art Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerin, and USP NicSelect Nicotine in the production of all its e-liquids.

Humble Juice Co. is known for its high-quality e-liquid flavors. This company has a long list of different e-liquids on different lines. Some examples are; SVLT, Havoc, Hustle, Havana, Humble Ice, and Humble.

Ice Pink Spark is released as part of the Humble Ice series. Apart from Ice Pink Spark, there are ten other Humble Juice e-liquids in the mentholated e-juice line. Besides Ice Pink Spark, the other e-liquids in the Humble Ice series are; Ice Ruby Red, Ice Donkey Kahn, Ice Tropic Thunder, Ice Pee Wee Kiwi, Ice Berry Blow Doe, Ice Oh-Ana, Ice V.T.R, Ice Dragonfly, Ice Sweater Puppets.

Ice Pink Spark e-liquid comes in elegantly designed 120ml like other Humble products. There is a label on the bottle of this e-liquid with the Humble Juice logo. You can buy a 120ml bottle of Ice Pink Spark from the Humble Juice Co. online store for only 24.99.

Ice Pink Spark has already been pre-steeped by Humble Juice Co. for at least two weeks before it is sold. All e-liquids by this company have all been pre-steeped.


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