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Athena Green Apple E-Juice Review

Theme Of Athena E-liquid:

When the god Zeus made the world in Greek mythology, his first thought was Athena. She was born from the head of Zeus, leaping forth fully clad in armor as if prepared for battle. Setting her fresh green eyes upon the world before her she peeled to the broad sky her clarion cry of war and Olympus trembled.

Inspired by Athena the Goddess of Crafts and War, Athena Green Apple E-Juice is a delicious blend of sweet and sour apples in a 65/35 VG/PG formula. In-depth research on trace components found in Apple from different origins and varying levels of maturity provided us with highly characteristic flavor and aroma keys.


On the inhale I tasted a light apple cream flavor. I would describe the apple as a light candy flavored apple. The Apple seems to have a creamy texture in the flavor but comes with a slight bite to it. Riding along with the apple is a cream flavor that feels like it almost has a strawberry taste mixed in.

On the exhale It tastes exactly like an actual apple, not the fake artificially flavored candy apple that is in most e-liquids. If you like that real crisp apple taste, then this is the e-juice for you.

The tartness that I found on the inhale becomes significantly more pronounced on the initial exhale. It is beautiful and sour and does taste quite a bit like green apple. It’s crispy and fresh with natural tart notes. Apples can vary in flavor depending on which one you’re eating, but they always have a refreshing finish.

Once the initial tartness fades, I find a very lightly sweetened flavor, which is supposed to be the red apple. I enjoy this flavor much more than the sour green apple; it has that crispness to it. It is a refreshing taste, and the amount of sweet that I found is perfectly balanced.

While the front side of the vape has only a hint of red apple, the exhale is loaded with sweet and tart apple notes with a strong emphasis on a juicy red apple flavor. Whether this is a pro or a con is really up to the beholder, but there is little to no finish on this juice as the flavor fades moments after fully exhaling, something that sent me back for more of the green apple goodness and sweetness again and again

I would describe this one as a crispy green apple in vape form. Overall the combination just works in every way. If you have a propensity towards light green apple taste, then this is the vape for you.

The sweet nose coming off the Vapor is mild but assertive. After some issues with flavor density on some of the Green apple fruity flavors, I was expecting more of the same. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised. This e-liquid tastes a bit like vaping Autumn, and I found it quite helpful. If you enjoyed any Pineapple e-liquid, I think you’ll find this one superior.

Apple is a standard note found in flavored vape products such as pipe tobacco and snuff, and Cyclops Vapor has attempted to duplicate that experience by using a base flavor of smoking with a top note of green apple. The liquid has a scent that reminds me of Torque 56, while the apple flavor vape juice becomes more evident when I taste the e-liquid.

I have long been hunting for the perfect apple flavor liquid, something with just the right balance of sweet and tart with a good strong apple taste and this is it! There is a hint of apple, a dusting of cinnamon, I believe, and a fair amount of sweetness. After repeated vapes, it does leave a memorable apple skin on the palate & the overall impression I get is just perfect, and this is actually what I was looking for. A perfect mix of sweet and tart. It does have a decent throat hit and produces a pretty good cloud. Try out this delightful e-liquid at




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